A journey for the curious mind

Pontresina, Switzerland, June 25–28, 2023

Limited sponsorships and scholarships available

Open registration for This Next Thing is closed, and our room allocation in Grand Kronenhof Hotel is sold out. However, if you wish to sponsor, or can contribute to our scholarship fund, we have a limited number of places available with accommodation in the Saratz hotel next door.

You can find out more information at this Google doc.

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This Next Thing is an event for curious-minded folks in tech, business, and beyond. Starting on June 25th, guests will choose their starting point: Zürich, Innsbruck, or Milan. A local warmup unconference will happen in the starter city, before departing the morning of the 26th toward Pontresina in the Eastern Swiss Alps.

The event is broken into three parts:

  • Day Zero- Sunday, June 25
    A warmup day, in your choice of starter city: Zürich, Innsbruck, or Milan.
  • Day One- Monday, June 26
    A travel day, from your starter city up into The Alps.
  • Day Two- Tuesday, June 27
    A fete day of talks, workshops, & social time.

An optional Epilogue Day, Wednesday June 28 is available at your discretion and is not an official part of the event.

Tickets to This Next Thing include:

  • Dinner days zero, one, and two
  • Lunch days one and two
  • Breakfast days two and three
  • One-way transport to Pontresina.
  • Accommodation days one and two in Pontresina

You can read our booking guide for more on what to book and what’s included.

“Thing” in its original sense was the gathering of people for lawmaking, socialising, and trade. This Next Thing will gather interesting and interested people, celebrating our relationships with the world, and exploring how those relationships should evolve.

A little teaser

One of the funnest parts of Funconf was not giving too much away about the lineup and the schedule. Keeping things close to our chest is part of the surprise and delight of the show.

That said, for continuity, and to pass the baton as it were, we asked Michael Lopp, Tom Preston-Werner, and Werner Vogels back. Michael, Tom, and Werner did three-for-three at Funconf, and we’re delighted to see their return.


"This Next Thing" is the spiritual successor to Funconf, a series of conferences that featured 🚌 busses, 🚂 trains, 🏰 castles, 🚁 helicopters and 🏝️ an island in 🇮🇪 Ireland. Funconf was created by Paul and Eamo.

Eamon Leonard

Eamon Leonard
Eamon is a founding parter of Broadstone, a pre-seed investment firm based in Dublin. He has spent most of his career in early stage startupland developing and building products, leading teams, and creating communities.

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell
Paul is the co-founder and CEO of Team Tito. Paul presides over the making of Tito, an app for selling tickets online, and Vito, an app for building online communities. Paul also created Úll, a series of conferences inspired by Apple.

Abby Phoenix

Abby Phoenix
Abby is a consummate community conference connoisseur. She brings a wealth of logistical experience from prestigious events including RubyConf, RailsConf, and Codeland.


🗓️ Sunday, June 25–Wednesday June 28, 2023

Day Zero Sunday, June 25 - Unconf

Start in Innsbruck, Milan, or Zürich. In each of the starter cities will be a warmup unconference where you will mix with a third of the whole group. The unconf will offer guests the opportunity to speak, and will be convened by a local host.

Day One Monday, June 26 - Travel, Check-in, and Chat

Travel day. Depart your starter city not-too-early, not-too-late, for a trip with your new friends. A 3–4 hour ride first toward The Alps, and then up and up into them, towards Pontresina. Check-in to your hotel, then relax and unwind for a few hours before the evening session kicks off.

Day Two Tuesday, June 27 - This Next Thing

The main day. Like many things at this event, the day will be divided into three. Around and between the main sessions there will be opportunities and spaces to hang out, go for walks, do yoga, or just enjoy the summer Alpine setting.

  • The morning session will take place in the convention centre and offer presentations with the whole group.
  • In the afternoon we will spread out throughout the whole of the Kronenhof, where you will be invited to attend a series of workshops and conversations.
  • Come evening, a grand banquet will top off the day, and we won’t be able to resist an after-dinner speech or two.

Day Three Wednesday, June 28 - Goodbyes

Time to depart, or optionally stay another night in Pontresina to unwind. One last breakfast as a group, and the official run-of-events is done.



June 25

The warmup will take place in the centre of each starter city.

June 26–28

The venue is the Grand Hotel Kronenhof, one of the most highly-regarded hotels in the world. Grand Hotel Kronenof is in the town of Pontresina, in the Eastern Swiss Alps.

We will also host two sessions in the nearby Pontresina convention centre.


Because we believe that events like this should exist. Events, conferences, gatherings are an opportunity to learn, empower oneself and to be truly inspired, more efficiently than any other media.

Further: we think events should spark serendipity. They should be full of little moments and shared experiences that create meaningful relationships.

You can read more on our Questions page.

Registration is now closed.